Monday, October 29, 2012

Adam + Backpack + Lacey + Wine = Forever

This is a big week for us. 

We've been together for 7 years.

I met Adam when I was 22.  At the time, I felt so old. 

Everyone I knew at the time met their soul mate and got married right after high school.  I had just finished college and there was no Prince Charming on the horizon. 

And when you least expect it...

That's when it happens.

Adam and I had our first real date at a Halloween party on October 30. 

If I could go back to this date, 7 years ago, and give myself some advice, it would include the following:

1.  A backpack full of wine is not a dare.

2.  Do not hit on people wearing house arrest bracelets to make Adam jealous.

3.  There are parts of this night that you will want to remember with striking, minute by minute, full detail including every sense clarity.

4.  This is the day that will change your life.

5.  The love of your life will show up wearing a t-shirt with two unicorns...uhmm.....doing it. 

6.  A bottle of absinthe (that Adam bought online from the Czech Republic) that gets spilt will make the trunk smell like licorice for years.  Years.

7.  A quote from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective will be a part of your first kiss. 

8.  By all accounts, this is not a date that should lead to true love.  Or even a second date. 

9.  There are some situations in life where serendipitous fate and destiny just take control.  This is one of them.

10.  If the future love of your life tries to kiss you on the forehead.  Let him.  Especially if you just threw up.

11.  He should not call you the next day.  But he will.  And he will call you every day forever.

12.  It's okay that neither of you wore a costume.  You will always do your own thing together.

13.  If you're gonna drink a backpack full of wine, don't finish the night by drinking beer.

14.  You are so lucky.  And you don't even know it yet. 

15.  This is your last first date.  It will be worth it.  I promise. 

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