Sunday, May 6, 2012

We Have Amazing Friends

Sometimes I look around at my life and I wonder (outloud), "How did I get this lucky?"

Especially when it comes to our friends.

Boy, we got lucky in that department.

We were notified early in the month that we were "invited" to attend an informational debriefing about Adam's deployment.  Let me be clear that this is a 4-hour informational suckfest that includes slides on things like "Casualty Notification."  Barf.

I asked our friend Mindy to go, because I wasn't sure if Adam would be able to attend.  And, you know, I wanted someone else with me in the event that I ran, screaming from the room if the information got too heavy.  When I first asked her, she didn't even hesitate before she said yes.  Part of me wanted to be like, "Uhm...are you sure?  It's 4 hours.  Starts at 8AM...on a Saturday." 

And then, in true girl-friendship style she asked, "Do you want me to help take notes?  Or just be there to support you.  Because I can do either one." 

And it was fine.  Parts of the debriefing were hard to hear and took my breath away. 

But, you know what? 

I wasn't alone. 

'Cause we have awesome friends.

Life has been really busy lately.  Busy in a mostly good way, but crazy busy.

A few weeks ago, my best friend Jessica asked if I would be interested in going in on a garage sale with her.  And I really really wanted to.  Lord knows we have enough junk around here to get rid of! 

But I let her know that there was NO WAY IN HECK that I was gonna be able to commit time, effort, or energy into a garage sale at this point. 

She has some stuff left over from our wedding.  I told her to sell it, keep what money she made, and get rid of/throw away/keep/drag to Goodwill/burn whatever was left over.

She invited me to dinner last week.  I felt like such a jerk because I didn't have any time in MY LIFE to sit down and have dinner with her.  I invited her to join us for Adam's birthday celebration.  She said they would but that she wanted to spend time with me, just the two of us.

This girl really wanted to spend time with me.  So I scheduled her in on my calendar.  For 2 weeks later.  'Cause I suck as a friend.

Luckily, on Friday, I found a night where I wasn't working, and Adam was working late, so I asked Jessica if she would be able to meet me for dinner. 

Turns out, this best friend of mine had an alterior motive for wanting to meet up, just the two of us. 

The garage sale she had?  On a crappy, cold Saturday? 

All the proceeds went to benefit the Miller Adoption!!!!!

So she mostly just wanted it to be her and I when she handed me a Mother's Day card with money in it. 

So I didn't ruin Adam's birthday celebration by crying hysterically through it.

She knows me so well.

I am a mediocre friend

Sometimes I think I am a great friend.  Sometimes I'm a terrible, terrible friend.

I am inconsistent.

I am selfish.

I strive to be more like our friends.  'Cause, golly, we're lucky.

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