Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just Like Heaven

Someone asked me why our blog is titled "Just Like Heaven," so I thought I would explain a little bit...

Our favorite radio station does a thing every year called "A to Z" where they go through every song in their musical catalog and play it in alphabetical order.  They do this every winter and it's a really fun way to break up the winter monotony for a few weeks.  And, if you catch them accidentally playing a song out of alphabetical order, there are prizes!  So, one afternoon, a few winters ago, we were doing the dishes and heard this song come on.  And it was beautiful.  It stopped us both, hands full of suds.  And, we decided that it would be the first (and only) song we danced to at our wedding.  (dreamy sigh)

Sound familiar?  It's the more wedding-appropriate version of this song that I lovelovelove:

But here's the thing that was even better than being able to work a cover version of The Cure (double dreamy sigh) into my wedding, was that it was performed by these people:

The SmallTown Heros...led by our good friend Brian Greene and accompanied by Dallas and Bethany Johnson.

You're just like a dream...just like heaven.

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