Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lacey's Dollhouse

This post is going to seem like it's mostly about Cabbage Patch Dolls, but I promise...I'm getting somewhere.

The Christmas that I turned 3 was pretty disappointing.  I distinctly remember telling Santa at the mall that I wanted a set of Webbles for Christmas.  Why?  I have no idea.  Perhaps it was the mystery of them wobbling, but not falling down.  Who knows!  But instead I got a Cabbage Patch doll.  He was a preemie named Rory Cedric (remember how they always had weird names), and he fit perfectly in my little 3-year-old arms.  Truth be told, Rory pretty much went everywhere with me until I was twelve about ten.  I will always remember spending the night with my sweet Grandma Ruth and making her say good night to Rory.  (giggle)

And then I had another Cabbage Patch Doll named Annabelle, with her yellow yarn pigtails.  I got another one from my grandma, but I forget her name.  One year for Christmas (birthday? for fun? who remembers?) I got another Cabbage Patch Doll that had a bottle that was velcroed around her neck in this little holder thingy.  I don't remember her name either.  Bottom line:  I was a connoisseur of the Cabbage Patch dolls.

So, here's the part that I had forgotten until after we made the decision to adopt.  I used to play "orphanage" with my dolls.  Yup.  For real.  I used to pretend that my dolls were orphans and that I had to take care of them and be their "mommy" because they didn't have a mommy.  Just to let you know, it makes me cry to type that. 

So remember how I said that God will plant the seed for something in your heart waaaaayyyy before you even have any idea what's happening?  This is what I'm taking about.


  1. Sara McGrew MacGregorJanuary 14, 2012 at 1:28 PM

    Hi Lacey,
    I'm loving hearing about your adoption. Along the lines of God planting a seed: When I was ten or twelve I read a story in one of my mom's magazines about an adoption program for kids with Down syndrome. I remember thinking,"If I don't have a baby with Down syndrome, I will adopt one."

    I grew up, became a special ed teacher, and filed that thought away in the back of my mind. Somehow my husband and I ended up talking about that dream of mine on our first date.

    Our first child is now eight. We adopted her as a newborn. Her name is Abby, and, by the way, she has Down syndrome.

  2. Sara,
    This story made my day! I had no idea that you were an adoptive momma! I would love any input you have about adoption and would love to hear more of your story!
    God is funny...:)