Saturday, January 7, 2012

Your Adoption Questions

We have had a lot of questions about our adoption.  We're hoping to be able to use our blog to answer many of the questions that have come up.  If you have questions about adoption or our adoption process, feel free to comment on the blog or e-mail at

Q:  Why are you adopting?
A:  The simple answer to this is "because it's right for our family."  The longer answer can be found in the first post of this blog.

Q:  Where are you adopting from?
A:  While we're certainly up in the air with this one, we are feeling led to an African country.  Our initial plan was to adopt from Ethiopia, but Ethiopia changed its rules regarding international adoption in March.  We are currently investigating the adoption process in Uganda.

Q:  Why aren't you adopting from the United States?  Kids here need help too!
A:   While we COULD NOT AGREE MORE we are choosing to adopt internationally for a variety of reasons.  Did you know that there are between 143 and 210 MILLION orphans in the world?  Are we really going to spend time arguing about the where? 

Q:  You must be rich.  How can you afford adoption?  Isn't it expensive?
A:  We are so not rich that it's not even funny.  And, yes, the adoption process is expensive (the majority of the cost involves travel).  We are going into this with complete faith that the money that we need will come.  God wouldn't have called us to do it if He didn't have a plan. 

Q:  Aren't you worried that you'll get a kid who's "messed up"?
A:  Not really.  We are realistic about the challenges of adopting, both for us and for our child(ren).  However, we feel slightly more equipped for parenting, given our backgrounds in psychology and social work.  And the reality is, that with Adam and I as the parents, our kid has a pretty good chance of being justalittlebit "messed up."

Q:  We've thought about adopting, but want kids of "our own."
A:  Every family is different.  And this kid (or kids) will be as much "our own" as any kid or kids we choose to have biologically.

Q:  I'm sorry that you can't have kids.
A:  While we certainly honor and respect those who have adopted after a struggle with infertility, that is not our situation at the moment.

Q:  You keep saying child(ren) or kid and kids.  Are you adopting more than one child?
A:  Our plan at the moment is for the adoption of one child.  However, if you know anything about Adam and I and how our life tends to flow, we often revert to Plan B.  We were open to the idea of adopting more than one child if we feel like that's what God wants for our family.

We are certainly open to education and dialogue about adoption.  Share your questions and experiences with us here!

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