Sunday, January 15, 2012

Loaves of Love....Wanna Help?

Well, you've heard me mention our partnership with the good people at the Fletcher's Lake United Methodist Church and their Loaves of Love program.  This is a very grassroots group, who want to help groups to raise money for missions and mission trips.  We have been so fortunate to have their support and prayers as we step out in our mission of the adoption of the first Miller baby.  (As a quick momma side note, I refer to our future child all the time as our "baby."  Realistically speaking, our first child will not come to us while he or she is still a baby.  But, as I'm sure you all know, he or she will always be a baby to us.  But the logistics behind that are another post for another day.)

So, the good people with Loaves of Love basically make every kind of delicious and yummy flavor of bread that you could ever imagine.  And, if they don't already make it, they're willing to try to make whatever flavor you so desire.  I mean, seriously, how is that for customer service?  You know how one of those big burger chains says that you can "have it your way"?  Well, with Loaves of Love, you really can "have it however the heck you want it because they are willing to try their darndest to make you happy." 

After a slight shipping snafu last week, our first shipment of Loaves of Love bread arrived on Wednesday.  Dave Sommers, the pastor of the Fletcher's Lake United Methodist Church, was kind enough to send us a varied assortment of bread to try and share with our friends--that would be you!

Here's Dave making some Loaves of Love!

Can't you just smell the love?

Oh yeah, you can also send some bread to those you know and love in the military.  These two are a couple of hometown brothas...for real, they're brothers from my hometown. 

The new kitchen for Loaves of Love

We are so excited to share our bread with our friends and co-workers...and strangers, if it comes to that!  Our freezer is currently PACKED with small Loaves of Love that we want to share with our friends and blog followers! 

So, here's our idea.  We want to share our Loaves of Love and get the word out about this awesome program and our adoption. 

We need some people who are willing to:

1.  sample a small loaf of the bread (we'll mail it to you free of charge)
2.  take some pictures of themselves doing it (or sharing it with your friends, family, co-workers, people at church, boss, arch-nemesis, whatev)
3.  share your pictures with us (and let us post them on our blog)
4.  Fill out our little shorty interview form about your bread, your relationship to us, and some short stuff about adoption

I's a small price to pay for this bread!

We already have some takers.  I lovelovelove when we suggest things to our friends and they say, "Yup, I'm in.  Whatever you need to bring your baby home.", Becky Wachs.  All in.  That's what it's all about. 

So, anyone willing to join Becky and Adam Wachs, Noah and Carissa Solomon, Paul and Marnie Smith, and the good folks at St. Mary's in helping us out?  Come on, I double dog dare ya. 


  1. Lacey, thank you for including us in your blog. Of cours ewe wqnt to help. Being a parent is the best and i love that you and Adam want to parent children who so badly need lovong homes. We are in. Whatever we need to do to bring your babies home. Xoxo Becky, Adam, and Isla

    1. Woohoo! Much love to the Wachs family! Getting ready to send some bread to you on Wednesday. We have the following flavors: christmas mint, apple cinnamon raisin, banana chocolate chip, chocolate oreo, berry burst oreo, raspberry cheesecake, chocolate caramel pecan, blueberry cheesecake, cinnamon, and strawberry cheesecake...which one do you want?

  2. I cant choose. They all sound too good. Pick your favorite and send it our way