Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Wished For You

Some of you already know that Adam and I don't (gasp) "do presents" for our birthdays, anniversary, or Christmas.  I think we did early on..but made a very conscious decision a few years ago to cut back because we all "had enough."  But we've kept one Christmas tradition--stockings.  So, in Adam's hunt for trinkets to put in my Christmas stocking, he came home with this:

(Don't be fooled--you can't "click to look inside")

Some of my favorite lines:

  •   "A long time ago," said Mama to Barley, "a wish started growing in my heart.  At first, it was a quiet wish that nobody knew.  Then it became an outloud wish that grew and grew and grew."
  • "Sometimes, Barley," said Mama, "A mama will grow a baby in her belly, and for all kinds of reasons, she'll decide she cannot be the very best mama she wants to be.  The mama who grew you loved you enough to make a different wish--a wish for a family who would love her little one with total and adoring love."

As you can imagine, this is the part where I just broke down and had a pretty good ugly cry.

"Some families look alike, and others don't.  All families are different.  What makes a family is their love for each other."  ...Amen.

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  1. Love it!! You guys are going to be such wonderful parents to some lucky little boy or girl :)