Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Big Easy

I had the distinct pleasure of being the recipient of a grant that allowed me to go to New Orleans for a two-day national school social work conference.  The grant covered my hotel, rental car, and conference registration.  Pretty amazing, really.

The best part was that Adam was able to go with me.  So we got to spend four whole days together, touring New Orleans. 

Here are some highlights:

Eating and drinking our lunch at Pat O'Brien's.  The weather was amazing (high 60s), so we sat outside in the sun.  Adam had Crawfish Etouffee and I had homemade Crawfish Cakes.  YUM!  Of course, we both had a famous Pat O'Brien's hurricane.  And then stumbled back on to the street again.  (I hope I never get over the LOVE of seeing Adam wearing a wedding ring...dreamy sigh.)

Hanging out in the sun...checking out art vendors.  People native to New Orleans were bundled up in coats and sweaters.  I think it was like 35 degrees when we left Indiana, so we were loving the weather!

Adam was concerned about the size of his head in proportion to mine in the previous picture.  We were trying to balance out the size of our heads in this picture.  (He'll be thrilled that I shared this with you.)

Across the street from Cafe Du Monde

Waiting in the epic line for beignets at Cafe Du Monde.  Well worth the wait!  ('Cause, seriously, who doesn't LOVE freshly made doughnut-like creations covered in powdered sugar!)

Finally at a table!  Ready for beignets!

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