Friday, February 10, 2012

Say, Why Are You Doing That Anyway?

I love kids.  I am surrounded by kids most of my working hours.  And then I come home to my kittens.  Who, if any of you have had the distinct pleasure to meet Hazel, Luna, and Klara, you know how very much they are like kids.  Kids who potty in a box, but kids nonetheless.  But I digress. 

Once a week, I have the honor to work in a school.  It's a small school.  With good kids.  And great teachers.  And awesome families.  I love it.  I want my kids to go to this school.  I want YOUR kids to go to this school. 

My particular school has started a school-wide program that highlights family values.  One of the topics is about how God creates different kinds of families.  Which includes adoption (yippee!).  Several weeks ago, one of the teachers asked if she could mention to the kids that Adam (referred to at school as "Mr. Miller") and I were planning to adopt.  I said, "Absolutely!"  I love being able to share this story and start the conversation with anyone who will you are well aware.  It's a chance to educate.

Fast forward a few weeks.  I was working with a particular class and, before I leave, I always tell them when I'll be back to see them.  Due to schedules, it was going to be about a month in between visits.  This classroom has a child in it with some special needs, one of which elminates a good portion of his mental filter (combined with being a kid...and we all know that kids have generally malfunctioning mental filters, as it is).  And he said, "Is that when you're going to be gone to adopt your other child?"  He caught me off guard.  I didn't know that this particular class knew about the adoption.  And what's this mention of our "other child?"  (Maybe he's heard rumors about the kittens!)  I got my bearings about me and said, "No, that's just when I'll be back to see you."  Then he asked, "When are you going to adopt your other child?"  And I honestly replied, "You know, we don't know.  But it'll be a while.  And we'll let you know when we do." 

Then the Million Dollar Question.  "Say, why are you doing that anyway?"  Absolute silence in the classroom.  Mrs. Miller (my teacher name) on the spot.  All ears listening.  A bazillion reasons go through my head.  I quickly sift through them to come up with one that is easy for kids to understand.  And I just said, "Well, Mr. Miller and I just want to be a Mom and Dad for a kid that doesn't have a Mom and a Dad.  Do you think that's a good idea?" 

A classroom full of little heads nod "yes."  Murmurs of approval.  Sigh of relief from Mrs. Miller. 

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