Saturday, March 10, 2012

Boston Creme Friendship

My very first job out of college had some definite drawbacks.  Lousy pay, long hours, lotsa stress.  But a few things happened there that made it completely worth it.  The first is that I met my husband.

The second best thing that happened is that I met Nina. 
(this is not Nina's husband--it's our friend Noah)

Nina and I have been friends a long time--over 6 years!  In that time, we've both gotten married, she's had two babies, Adam and I acquired some cats, she's moved a bajillion times.  But our friendship has stayed strong.  I think it's hard to make new friends when you're an adult. 

Nina is the kind of friend that you can just BE with.  We have had long afternoons or evenings just sitting, talking.  In the kids' section at Borders (RIP), hotel lobbies, parks, my kitchen floor. 

Nina is the kind of mom I want to be.  Once, I was lamenting to her on the phone about how I wanted a baby, but didn't want to get pregnant and give birth alone, while Adam is gone.  She did not skip a beat when she said, "You would never be alone.  I would be there with you."  I have amazing friends.

Two weeks ago, Nina came to visit, bringing her two boys with her.  We were the last stop on a very long road trip for them.  Over the years, Nina and I have developed and honed our skills and love for all things Boston Creme Pie.  We've had it at the hospital cafeteria, store bought, and store bought frozen.  So I surprised her with these:  Boston Creme Pie cupcakes!

Of course, I had a little (very cute) help!

We went to 3 Sisters Cafe in Broad Ripple for lunch.  They have an amazing vegan and vegetarian selection.  Everything on the menu looked A-MAY-ZING!  It seriously took us forever to decide.  (Which left us time to spill 2 glasses of water...I swear the tables are unbalanced!)

I had the fish tacos.  I always have the fish tacos.  Anywhere I go. 
If they serve fish tacos, that's what I'll order. 
I don't know why I even delude myself into thinking that I might order something else...

And who doesn't love some serious huggin' during lunch?!
(It looks like there is a little tiny arm growing out of M's back.  This is an illusion.)

M got to play Sorry for the first time. 
I love little kids in "jamamas." (Klara sat in the box and tried to eat the game pieces.)

I got these cutie patootie pictures sent to me after I had left for work. 
M found a package of cookies at Whole Foods that are called "Lacey's." 

Sigh.  How far is it to Oklahoma?

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