Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Smiths

These are The Smiths.

And these are also the Smiths.

Introduce yourselves!  Who are you?

We are the Smiths! Marnie, Paul, Nolan (5), Eloise (2.5) and baby (due this summer)!

We have 2 dogs, Morgan and Nikki, who got in on the bread action as well.

Marnie and Paul met at Purdue. We'll be married for 7 years in September.

At our wedding, Adam brought some delicious cigars, and we have an awesome picture of a bride and bunch of guys smoking them outside our reception. It is not digital otherwise I'd have sent it!

We're taking our first, big family trip together to Costa Rica this April!

Where do you live?

Laurel, Maryland.  Halfway between Baltimore and Washington DC.

The Smiths volunteered to sample a Loaf of Love.  What kind of bread did you get?

Chocolate Mint Oreo

What did you think of the bread?

Eloise: "I like the bread!"

Nolan: "It looks like brownies!"

Marnie: "Not as minty as I thought it would be, which is good! Good distribution of cookie throughout the bread, tasty!"

Paul: "It's good!"

Other notables:
- The baby started kicking right away, we'll take that as she liked it too!
- The dogs loved it! Don't take too much into that though, they also like poopy diapers :)

Who did you share it with?

There was just enough for the 4 of us to sample, little scraps for the dogs, and 2 small pieces the next day for the kids.

(I lovelovelove this picture of Nolan and Eloise sniffing the bread!)

Why do you support adoption?

We support families who decide to take on this monumental task because we feel all children deserve a loving family. It takes very special people like Adam and Lacey to take on something so big and rigorous because you leave yourself open to critiscm by other people's judgments or even just by the people who are analyzing the applications/paperwork/etc. We do believe that there are certain children we we're meant to doesn't matter if they were born directly to the parents or sought after in another country.

Sought after.  Hmm...

Did you know that the definition of "sought" means "to find something"?  Yup.  Our children are being sought after...big time.

How do you know Adam and I?

We know Adam from Purdue. Paul and Adam were friends first, Marnie met him through Paul. Combined, we have many amusing memories of those time at Purdue. We also have many fond memories since then - getting to know Lacey, introducing Adam and Lacey to our children, etc. Adam and Lacey aren't the types that have fallen off the face of the Earth once we started down this parenthood path which means so much to us!

When I first met Paul and Marnie, Marnie was just a little bit pregnant with Nolan.  And Adam threw a game of Catch Phrase at me and hit me in the eye.  Good times.

What kind of parents do you think Adam and I will be?

We think the combination of Adam and Lacey will make for GREAT parents. Adam's some times laid back approach will reel Lacey in when needed, and the same goes in reverse! The careers and backgrounds you have, although certainly an exposure to the worst case scenarios, will be a HUGE asset as your child grows and develops. There is no doubt that Adam and Lacey will surround their children with love, if the love and amusment they share about their cats are any indication. It will also be a house full of fun and laughter based on your senses of humor, which is so important when some of the 'noise' gets in the way.

We're so happy and excited for you in choosing this journey. Not only do we look forward to hearing more about this adventure, but we can't wait to see your beautiful family unfold :)

Wow. I'm still caught up by the words "sought after." 

Paul and Marnie, you have been amazing friends to Adam and I.  Thanks for taking care of Adam for a while before he could get to me. 

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