Saturday, March 3, 2012


After we shared our decision to adopt, we got some very surprising reactions.  For the most part, people have been amazingly encouraging and wonderful and supportive.

However, we did have one person, who we love and respect very much, who said, "I'm just not sure about this whole adoption thing.  It just seems sorta hard.  And it has a lot of risks."


'Cause, here's the're right.  Adoption is tough stuff.  It is risky. 

And so are a lot of things in life.  Kids.  Love.  Marriage.  Work.  Driving a car every day. 

I think, in a lot of ways, we wrap ourselves in this false sense of security that, somehow, we are safe.  If I have biological kids, my kids will definitely turn out to be productive members of society.  If my husband doesn't deploy, then he will be safe forever and neither one of us will die ever, and we will grow to be very old together.  If I wear my seat belt, I will be safe in my car.  We tell ourselves these things all the time.

But the reality is...there is no satisfaction guarantee in life.  Ever.  On anything. 

And so...what if...
  • We did things because they were right for us, not because they were safe?
  • We loved recklessly?
  • We did things that were "risky"?
  • We redefined what we think "risky" is?
  • We did all the things that our heart and our God whisper and lead us to do?
WHAT IF...?  Oh man, can you imagine?

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  1. Lacy, you have got to stop being so darn profound. Somehow, each and every time I get into a funk, you've posted a new blog. Being the nosy person I am, I read this blog. And strangely, your words are always what I need to pull out of my funk. It's like those times where you are really struggling with something, and you go to church, and WHAM! The sermon is exactly everything that you needed to hear. I absolutely look forward to each of your new postings and I think of you and your future babies often :)