Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Hope Our Kids Never Sleep in the Crapper

Klara was my wedding gift from Adam.

After a particularly large lunch, we decided to "just walk around the pet store" that is next door.

I tried to resist. 

Because the last time we went to "just walk around the pet store" we came home with Luna. 

As we "just looked" at the kitties that they had, I breathed a sigh of relief that they were all full-grown.  Cats way bigger than Hazel and Luna.  Cats that didn't really seem to fit with our family.

And then Adam said, "Wait, look over there."  Crap.

There was a little grey kitten, curled up on a cat bed.  Trying to sleep, even though all the other big cats were playing like crazy.  It musta been hard to sleep through that.

We found out that she was very sick.  She had gotten an infection after her spay surgery, spiked a fever of 106, and almost died.  But she seemed to be on the mend. 

And she needed a momma. 

 So we brought her home.  And then she got an upper respiratory infection.  Her breath smelled.  She would sneeze and huge boogers would hang out of her nose.  I didn't even know cats could get upper respiratory infections!  It was gross!  And her breath...dear God,...don't even get me started on her breath!

There are so many things that I love about Klara.

She is a cuddler.  With Adam and I.  With Hazel.  With Luna.  With strangers who come to feed them when Adam and I are gone.

She is loud.  Did you know that kittens learn to meow from their mommas?  Yup, they sure do.

Luna and Klara don't know how to meow, because they were separated from their mommas before they were old enough to learn to meow.  So they warble and chirp.  It's cute.

And when she's happy, her little "Purr Motor" really gets a'going. 

But Klara has recently started doing something that is not so cute. 

You know, just lounging in the toilet. 

She's gross. 

But, golly, she's cute.

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